What we do

riends of Mengo Hospital Canada’s (FOMH(C)) objectives are to raise funds to support Mengo Hospital in providing sustainable health care services in a holistic manner to the people of Uganda. 

We work in collaboration with the staff of Mengo Hospital as well as other 'Friends of Mengo Hospital' groups based in the UK and USA, in order to provide optimal support for both patients and staff at the Hospital.

Who we are

Friends of Mengo Hospital (Canada) is an organisation based in Victoria, British Columbia, and was initiated by Dr. Jim Sparling - a Victoria respirologist - who had , along with some of his colleagues, a connection to Mengo Hospital. 

Dr Jim (as he is known at Mengo), as been to Mengo Hospital many times and with his enthusiasm, has built a team of volunteers who have travelled to Uganda both with him or separately, to participate in various projects. The organisation itself is run totally in a volunteer capacity here in Victoria.

 In Victoria we work to find creative ways in order to help fund the various projects we have been asked to assist with.

New Volunteers are always welcome, both to help with activities here in Victoria, or at Mengo Hospital itself. Check out the "Get Involved ' page  or contact us with the above link.

Become  a Member of the Friends of Mengo (Canada). For an annual fee of $30, you can become  an important part of the organisation, attend the meetings, and help decide which projects we will support. Check out the 'Get involved', page or contact us with the link at the bottom of the page.


What we accomplished in past years:

( go to the INITIATIVES PAGE for accomplishments and photos of the more recent projects)

In 2012 FOMH(C)

Continued to support TB and AIDS care at Mengo. We also advised and helped with expansion of the Dental clinic laboratory. Special needs were also addressed such as:

  • Nutritional support for children and ill adults
  • Funds to supply AIDS orphans with uniforms, shoes and scholastic materials
  • Microcredit loan program for Jajja’s (grandmothers & care givers of orphans.
  • Income generating programs for AIDS patients
  • Bursaries for 2nd year nursing students who are unable to pay tuition fees because of changing family circumstance.
  • Supply necessary drugs for TB and Malaria when expected supplies are not available
  • Advance the PMTCT program (prevention of mother to child transmission) 
  • Male circumcision program (circumcision reduces risk of transmission 60%) 
  • Possibly support expansion of the AIDS clinic to accommodate increasing numbers
  • Possible further renovation and repair of hospital wards

In 2011 FOMH(C)

  • continued to provide E-pap to AIDS children and adults with advanced TB
  • organized a 40 ft. container of donated medical equipment and supplies with help of the Compassionate Resource Warehouse and Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club
  • continued to provide scholastic supplies, shoes and uniforms for AIDS orphans
  • facilitated volunteer visits –Joanne  a nurse in Sept.- Kinga and Pawel in July to help in the Dental Lab.
  • $5000 to the nursing school to pay tuition for deserving final year nurses

FOMH(C is a Registered Canadian Charity.


Our Charity Business Number (BN) is: 888918919RR0001


Donations can be made by mailing checks to:

Friends of Mengo Hospital (Canada) 1461 Pembroke St, Victoria BC, Canada V8R1V7

Or, online at CanadaHelps.org:
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