For over 20 years our volunteer organization, based in Victoria, has supported Mengo hospital in Kampala, Uganda.


Our Mission

Friends of Mengo Hospital Canada’s (FOMH(C)) objectives are to raise funds to support Mengo Hospital in providing sustainable health care services in a holistic manner to the people of Uganda. 

We work in collaboration with the staff of Mengo Hospital as well as other 'Friends of Mengo Hospital' groups based in the UK and USA, in order to improve support for both patients and staff at the Hospital.

Mengo was the first hospital in east Africa founded in 1897. It has a long history of service and receives support from concerned donors in the UK, US and Canada. Our mission is to raise funds in Canada to improve facilities and services for deserving Ugandan patients.
— Dr. Jim Sparling, president of FOMH(C)

What We've Achieved

  • Continued support of TB and AIDS care at Mengo.
  • Nutritional support for children and ill adults
  • Funds to supply AIDS orphans with uniforms, shoes and scholastic materials
  • Microcredit loan program for Jajja’s (grandmothers & care givers of orphans.
  • Bursaries for 2nd year nursing students who are unable to pay tuition fees because of changing family circumstance.
  • Supply necessary drugs for TB and Malaria when expected supplies are not available
  • Advance the PMTCT program (prevention of mother to child transmission) 
  • Male circumcision program (circumcision reduces risk of transmission 60%) 
  • Further renovation, expansion and repair of hospital wards
  • Continue to provide E-pap to AIDS children and adults with advanced TB
  • Organization a 40 ft. container of donated medical equipment and supplies with help of the Compassionate Resource Warehouse and Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club
  • Facilitation of volunteer visits to Mengo
  • $5000 to the nursing school to pay tuition for deserving final year nurses in 2011
  • Support in the extension of the TB/HIV clinic in 2013
  • $24,000 to support AIDS care at Mengo Hospital and $5000 has also been sent to support the Dental Clinic in 2014
  • 2015 we sent $35,000 to begin construction of a new clinic building
  • funds to provide tuition for adolescent AIDS orphans to complete secondary school education.